Heating Engineer LS29

Heating Engineer LS29

Andrew Tales Limited - Central Heating and Boiler repairs throughout the LS29 area - a fast, reliable service.

5 year labour and parts warranty
Andrew Tales | Heating Engineer LS29
Andrew Tales Limited is a small company which was established in Ilkely by Andrew himself in 1986. Having worked in the central heating industry for over 22 years, Andrew now has a small team of employees, each an experienced heating engineer. LS29 postcode areas can benefit from this experience as well as the GasSafe registration which the company has. The company previously held the Corgi registration for over 15 year, but this has now been superseded by GasSafe registration.

Customers using the company can have a Worchester- Bosch boiler installed and provided with a 8 year parts and labour warranty (when fitted with a filter) as the company are accredited installers and can boast extensive product experience for each heating engineer. LS29 postcode areas have the company as the main accredited installer and in addition to installation, the company can also undertake annual boiler servicing, checking not only the safety but also the efficiency using gas analysis. Using an Andrew Tales Limited heating engineer, LS29 based customers will also receive a GasSafe certificate and this certifies that current building regulations are complied with by the boiler.

By having work carried out by an Andrew Tale Limited heating engineer, LS29 homes are treated with care and attention. Before work commences to install a system, the company can help the customer find a system which is sympathetic to the look of their home. The company is aware of the mayhem associated with having a central heating system installed. However the company aims that, for work carried out by their heating engineer, LS29 houses are as tidy once the job is finished as it was before it started. To this end, the engineers are diligent and complete jobs quickly aiming to minimise disruption where possible.

Due to the skills and experience of each Andrew Tales Limited heating engineer, LS29 customers can also benefit from a huge range of other services the company can provide. Existing central heating systems can be made more efficient by de-sludging the pipe-work using pressure flushing. Other brands of boilers can also be installed and the company can maintain and repair all types of boilers. General plumbing work can also be carried out by the company. As the company has the appropriate certification, a range of other services can also be carried out by each heating engineer, LS29 properties which are owned by landlords can be safety checked for example.

Any size of project can be undertaken by each heating engineer, LS29 postcode area projects have ranged from the small, such as installing a boiler and radiators in a one bedroom flat to the huge, the largest to date being installing a heating system with 55 radiators.

No matter the size of job carried out by each Andrew Tales Limited heating engineer, LS29 area customers will receive the best service possible.