Heating Engineer Ben Rhydding

Heating Engineer Ben Rhydding

Central heating can now be found in most properties. For repairing and maintaining existing systems, or installing new ones, it is important to find workmen that you trust. If you are looking for a skilled heating engineer, Addingham customers can call on the services of Andrew Tales Limited.
5 year labour and parts warranty
.Andrew Tales founded his company, Andrew Tales Limited in Ilkley, in 1986, Andrew has over 22 years of industry experience, and within the company has gathered a small team of professional heating engineers. The company has GasSafe registration, the registration which recently superseded the old Corgi registration system and for which the company had held registration for 15 years. When it comes to employing an Andrew Tales Limited heating engineer, Ben Rhydding customers have the certainty that their work will be undertaken in a professional and reliable manner.

Each of the 50 plus boiler installations which is completed by the company each year is undertaken by a GasSafe registered heating engineer. Ben Rhydding customers also are able to benefit from Andrew Tales Limited being an accredited installer for Worchester- Bosch boilers. Each customer having a new Worchester-Bosch boiler installed also receives a 8 year parts and labour warranty (when fitted with a filter). In addition, the newly installed boiler will receive a GasSafe certificate to show that it complies with current building regulations.

When receiving the installation of a Worchester Bosch boiler by an Andrew Tales Limited heating engineer, Ben Rhydding customers are gaining a boiler which is exceptionally efficient. The Worchester Bosch range of boilers use condensing boiler technology and this helps keep the home warm and also can minimise fuel consumption. The company can also provide a yearly boiler services which measures both the safety and efficiency of the boiler using gas analysis.

These are not the only services which can be provided by each Andrew Tales Limited heating engineer. Ben Rhydding customers can also employ the company to have other brands of boilers installed, repaired and maintained as well as having an annual boiler service undertaken by the company. In addition, the company can install unvented hot water cylinders, improve efficiency of existing heating system by using pressure flushing to de-sludge pipe work. The company are also happy to undertake general plumbing work as required. For landlords, in an additional service carried out by each Andrew Tales Limited heating engineer, Ben Rhydding rental properties can have the required boiler safety checks.

The Warm Front government backed grant which provides up to £300 off the cost of having a new boiler installer is offered by the company and is available to any customer over 60. As the installation work is carried out by an Andrew Tales Limited heating engineer, Ben Rhydding senior citizens can benefit from their excellent quality of workmanship with some of the cost offset by the grant.

When it comes to having work done on a heating system, for customers looking for a GasSafe registered heating engineer, Ben Rhydding area is well served by the team at Andrew Tales Limited.