Heating Engineer Addingham

Heating Engineer Addingham

Is your central heating system up to scratch? Andrew Tales Limited specialise in resolving heating problems and fitting new boilers in the Addingham, Ilkley and LS29 areas.

5 year labour and parts warranty
.Founded in Ilkley in 1986, Andrew Tales Limited has a small heating engineer team which has many years experience in the industry. Founded by Andrew, who has 22 years of industry experience, the company is GasSafe registered. The GasSafe registration recently superseded the old Corgi registration and which the company had held for 15 years. When employing an Andrew Tales Limited heating engineer, Addingham customers can be confident that they are in reliable and experienced hands that will safely deliver the service they require.

Over 50 boilers are installed by the company each year with each installation undertaken by a GasSafe registered heating engineer. Addingham customers can benefit from the fact that Andrew Tales Limited is an accredited Worchester- Bosch boiler installer. In addition, a 8 year parts and labour warranty (when fitted with a filter) is provided with every new Worchester-Bosch boiler installed providing customers with a long term peace of mind. Customers can also be confident that they newly installed boiler will comply with current building regulations and will receive a GasSafe certificate to show this.

With the installation of a Worchester Bosch boiler by an Andrew Tales Limited central heating engineer, Addingham customers are benefiting from having a new boiler with excellent green credentials. As the range of Worchester Bosch boilers utilise condensing boiler technology, they are amount the most efficient available thus keeping the house warm whilst keeping heating bills to a minimum. In addition, yearly services can be provided by the company and using gas analysis these can measure not only the safety of the boiler, but also the ongoing efficiency.

There are a great range of other services which can be provided by each Andrew Tales Limited heating engineer. Addingham customers can have other brands of boilers installed and maintained as well as having an annual boiler service undertaken by the company.

With the range of skills possessed by each Andrew Tales heating engineer, Addingham customers can also employ the company to provide a wide range of other services. Examples of this include installation of an unvented hot water cylinder, cleaning existing heating system pipe work using pressure flushing to improve efficiency, maintaining and servicing existing boilers and any undertaking general plumbing work as required. In addition, with each Andrew Tales Limited heating engineer, Addingham’s landlords can be confident that they are employing certified personnel to carry out the required boiler safety checks on their properties.

If you are looking for a GasSafe registered heating engineer, Addingham can rely on the services provided by Andrew Tales Limited.