Central Heating Engineer Burney-in-Wharfedale

Central Heating Engineer Burney-in-Wharfedale

Central heating is fitted in most modern buildings. However, when it comes to installing and servicing central heating, it is important that engineers with the appropriate registration and certification are used. If you are searching for such a central heating engineer, Burley-on-Wharfedale is lucky to have the services of Andrew Tales Limited.
5 year labour and parts warranty
.Andrew Tales Limited was founded by Andrew in 1986. The company now has a small team of skilled central heating engineers. Burley-on-Wharfedale customers can be confident when using the company that they are getting over 22 years of industry experience from Andrew alone. The company is also GasSafe registered; the registration which replaced the old Corgi registration which the company held for over 15 years.

Every year sees the company install over 50 boilers. The company are also retained by many of their customers to provide follow up servicing annually on many of these boilers. Whilst many different brands of boilers can be installed and maintained by each Andrew Tales Limited central heating engineer, Burley-on-Wharfedale customers can benefit from the fact that the company are accredited installers of Worchester- Bosch boilers. Whenever a Worchester-Bosch boiler is installed by an Andrew Tales Limited heating engineer, Burley-on-Wharfedale customers can also benefit from a 8 year parts and labour warranty (when fitted with a filter) giving them long term peace of mind. A GasSafe certificate, verifying the newly installed boiler complies with current building regulations is also issued to each customer as it has been installed by a certified installer.

When a Worchester Bosch boiler is installed by an Andrew Tales Limited central heating engineer, Burley-on-Wharfedale customers can also be confident that have made a positive choice in environmental terms. As Worchester Bosch boilers use condensing boiler technology which means that they are extremely efficient, they provide a great heating system whilst minimising fuel bills. In addition, the efficiency of the boiler can be assessed on an ongoing basis as the annual service involves undertaking a gas analysis which establishes both the safety and the efficiency of the boiler.

With the variety of skills found with each Andrew Tales central heating engineer, Burley-on-Wharfedale households can be provided with a huge range of other services too. These include the installation of an unvented hot water cylinder, the improvement of efficiency of existing heating systems by de-sludging pipe work using pressure flushing and all manner of general plumbing work. In addition, as the company has ensured appropriate certification is possessed by each heating engineer, Burley-on-Wharfedale landlords can rely on the company to undertake their boiler safety checks as well as undertaking any maintenance or repairs required.

For customers over 60, it has never been a better time to consider upgrading the central heating system boiler as the Warm Front government backed grants which can provide £300 off the cost of the installation, is offered by the company.

When the hunt is on for a central reliable heating engineer, Burley-on-Wharfedale customers know that those at Andrew Tales Limited can provide all their central heating requirements.